• Is Tefal made in France or China?
    Tefal products are manufactured in various countries, including France and China, depending on the product line and global distribution needs.
  • Where is Tefal cookware made?
    Tefal cookware is produced in several countries around the world to meet international standards of quality and innovation, ensuring availability across global markets, including the Philippines.
  • Does Tefal cookware contain PFOA?
    No, Tefal cookware is PFOA-free, adhering to strict health and environmental standards to ensure safety and peace of mind for users.
  • Will salt damage my cookware?
    Adding salt to a hot pan can cause pitting and damage to the surface over time. It’s recommended to add salt to water once it’s boiling or to foods once they start to cook, to distribute it evenly and protect the cookware’s finish.

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